Good people (except for management) to work with and be around.

You get a desk, a phone and a PC

The CND staff is great and always helpful with story ideas and how to make yourself better. A great thing to have for a new reporter starting out.

People in the office are friendly.

You are able to pitch ideas without feeling that they will be shot down.

You get a write a lot of stories about various topics which helps you build your portfolio.

Where to Start, here goes....

1. Really bad HR person that was let go, now a new person has taken over. She was here for a week never introduced herself to the staff nor was she introduced by management. After a week, came in when she felt like and she was out on vacation for a week. Already has no time for employees and is on her cell phone anytime you come by the office to talk.

2. The CEO (a Joke) is egotistical and thinks everyone working here should thank and kiss his feet for giving them a job. Has no sense on how to manage a company and only hires YES men.

2. The CCO (the biggest joke) has no experience in journalism, sits in his office all day watching TV and listening to music. I don't think he has ever read any of the articles written by the staff, no one knows how he got the job.

3. Editor in Chief (LOL) is the same as above except he has experience in the news business and a sketchy character.

4. CTO, have no idea who this person is, never talked to him. Have seen him sitting in his office all day like the rest of management. Only time they come out is to eat or use the restroom. The IT staff is good and always helpful, although some cannot communicate that well in english.

5. Finance, again no idea who that is. You get paid once a month (who does that in this day and age) and don't even get your paystub, all you get is an email letting you know what you earned.

6. They hire you as an Independent Contractor at 1st so they don't have to pay employee's Social Security and Medicare taxes, state unemployment compensation insurance, and workers' compensation insurance. Forget about overtime, even as an IC you will not get it.

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